Voice of the Fire

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This byoubu is based on words from Alan Moore's great novel "Voice of the Fire", which covers 6,000 years of English history chapter by chapter. It's based on a paragraph from the chapter in whch two women are executed in the 17th century for being witches (and lesbians) by being burnt alive.
As the narrator of the chapter looks down at herself while she burns, she sees a frozen image of her dress and foot on fire, she describes the image she sees, including the quote across this screen: "When we have both been undressed of form we shall walk truly naked from the ashes, and there shall be not a part of us that is not beautiful." To me, the paragraph is one of the most beautiful pieces of prose.

The flames are taken from photographs of a lit torch outside a restaurant.

In the screen's centre panel, I imagine an image of fire and sexuality as she burns alongside her female lover.

The flames of the central panels are Photoshopped and distorted with additional illustration. And words from the text are also handwritten.
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