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This was made following the 3.11 earhthquake/tsunami/meltdown disaster in Japan. It depicts an evacuee mother and son against images of the destruction after the tsunami.
The white line of the tsunami is based on the famous image of the wave from above approaching the shore, which was shown live on TV at the time. The line also reaches the height of the wave as it hit the trees.
The mother and son were evacuees I photographed in Sendai (with their appearance slightly digitally altered so the screen is not about specific people). However, it was this the small boy who whispered the phrase written in Japanese on the second panel: "Our house was washed away"
They were being safely looked after in an evacuation centre (run by a Buddhist group), so they were not standing amid the destroyed houses, which were nevertheless photographed, along with the tree line, at the sea front of the same area.
The silhouette of the fish is from a photograph of a dead fish on the street by the destroyed houses.

私たちの家は流された (Watashitachi no ie ha nagasareta. Our house was washed away.)
The trees have had their branches stripped by the tsunami, and debris was still suspended on the trunk.
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